Sociology 554

Human Nature Lab Workshop (Sociology 554)

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Course Description: This workshop is designed to be a continuous part of the graduate curriculum. Meeting weekly throughout both the fall and spring terms, it constitutes an ongoing, informal seminar dedicated to exploring fundamental properties of network science. Some work involves the use of large-scale, online experiments. Other work examines the biological determinants and consequences of social network interactions, with a particular emphasis on the genetic origins and implications of human network interactions. Ongoing investigations in the lab consider the biodemographic determinants of longevity and the genetic bases for human behaviors. The research discussed has implications for diverse behavioral interventions, and for clinical and policy maneuvers to prevent and treat illness. Discussions range widely among methodological, theoretical, empirical, and normative issues. Sessions alternate between presentations by students of their own work and by visitors. Contents of the workshop vary from term to term, and from year to year. Enrollment is open for credit to students who submit written work.

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