Opening Remarks by Head of College Nicholas Christakis at the 75th Commencement Exercises of Silliman College at Yale University, May 23, 2016


How Humans Are Like Fungi
The social networks we form add up to a giant “human superorganism.”

The Chemistry of Social Networks
Like atoms in a molecule, we’re all linked together. Studying the complex matrix that results can illuminate everything from bucket brigades to Bernie Madoff.

The Power of Your Friend’s Friend’s Friend
Social networks “magnify whatever they’re seeded with”—from germs to altruism to a diet of muffins and beer.

Trends Need More Than Shepherds and Sheep
Influencing tastes across social networks is a tricky business: a love of “Love Actually” spreads differently than a love of “Pulp Fiction.”

What Mastodon Hunting Tells Us About Networks
To succeed in business, you don’t want to be too densely interconnected with entities that resemble you—or too diffusely linked to entities that don’t resemble you.

The Web Isn’t Changing Social Interactions
Twitter or no Twitter, our social networks are basically as small and close as they were in ancient Rome.